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About Us



Angelbee Nursing Service (ANS) was established in March of 2011 with a mission to supply high quality, at-your-convenience, in-home nursing care, which has not been readily available locally. 


Our clients are of both genders and all ages; prefer the privacy and comfort of home and the familiarity of designated caregiver(s) to the sterile atmosphere of a care facility with shifting caregivers who rarely take the time to become familiar with his/her needs; may or may not have family members to provide direct care; have the option to chose where this care is accessed and prefer this to be home.


Our staff are prepared and reputed to provide the highest standard of care and are supported by an infrastructure to support this standard. 


Our service can be accesed for either long or short durations as well as for single procedures and escort services.

To make a significant contribution to the health care landscape of Jamaica, as the preferred in-home care supplier with highly skilled, competent and compassionate staff whose primary focus is clients' wellbeing and where clients' satisfaction is our choice reward.


Starting in Kingston and St. Catherine, we will gradually expand our services across Jamaica with regional sub-divisions controlled by a primary nursing director and equipped with the infrastructure to ensure your best care.


Over time, our services will include caregivers with background security checks, who can be interviewed online before engagement of service; and management staff who will be available for consultation, at your convenience.

Our standard is excellence, therefore staff are continuously  mentored, monitored and evaluated to ensure that this standard is maintained at all times.


Our Staff and Services
Managing Director
Managing Director's photo

This service was started and is operated by Hermine Bascoe; a licensed, Registered General Nurse and Registered Midwife with a diploma in Business Administration; a first degree in Health Service  Administration, and over 41 years of experience in general nursing and geriatric care, as well as experience in psychiatry, drug abuse management and training and assessment of nurses and geriatric caregivers.


Other Administrative Staff
Joan Grant

Joan Grant

Consultant (Management) Education: Post Grad. Dip (Education and Training); M.Sc. (MIS); B. Sc. (Mngmt. Studies); Dip. (Business Administration); Cert. (Sys. Analysis) Mrs. Grant’s skills are in general management, information technology and education and training. She supplies all these skills as needed to Angelbee Nursing service.

Kimberley Grant

Kimberley Grant

Consultant (Costing) Education: University of Technology, Jamaica. Ms. Grant’s profession is cost management, which she applies mainly to construction projects but retains this practice in everything that she does and brings this oversight as needed to Angelbee Nursing Service.

Desta Orr

Desta Orr

Accountant - Ms. Orr has over 20 years’ experience in accounting and has provided services including budgeting, audit practices, taxation, financial statements and general accounting to multiple organizations over the years and applies theses skills as needed to Angelbee Nursing Service

Nurses | Caregivers

Our nurses and caregivers are  competent and caring individuals, whom we deem to be creditable and worthy of being allowed into your homes and to care for your loved ones.

Caring for the ill and infirmed is what we do best. Our team includes Registered General Nurses, Enrolled Assistant Nurses and Registered Midwives – duly licensed | enrolled by the Nursing Council of Jamaica as well as Practical Nurses; Geriatric Nurses; and Geriatric Caregivers – trained and assessed as competent in their area of training as well as mentally and emotionally prepared to carry out the duties and responsibilities entrusted to them. 

Here are some of our Practical Nurses, Geriatric Nurses and geriatric Caregivers 


Our aim is to provide the right nursing support you need, at the time that you need it at the place in which you feel most "at home."

We have put much effort into controlling the cost of the service so as to keep the prices within reach of pocket and yet not sacrifice quality.

We will come into your home to provide full-service care for a duration of not less than eight (8) hours or for stand-alone procedures such as:

-  Female catheterization

-  Insulin injection

-  Nebulization

-  Blood sugar testing

-  Passing nasogastric tube

-  Assistance with activities of daily living

-  Escort to medical appointment, shopping 

-  Post-delivery maternity support

-  Emotional care

For clients of both genders and all ages.

Our rates are determined by the level of nursing provided. (Registered Nurse, Enrolled Assistant Nurse, Practical Nurse, Geriatric Caregiver...); and can be quoted for hourly, daily, weekly or monthly service or for stand alone  procedures.

Our staff is held to a code of conduct, which demands a high level of professionalism at all times.

Clients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our code of conduct and to report to ANS, any deviation demonstrated by ANS staff, to the management of ANS for swift action. To view our code of conduct, please click the link to the right.

ANS will not be able to supply tools and equipment for use in the care of the client as sharing of these tools and equipment has medical implications for the transfer of infection. Each nurse/caregiver will be required to appear on duty with basic nursing tools: pen and scissors. Other tools/equipment required will be provided by the client after consultation with the service, if so required.


Job Opportunities


To be signed to Angelbee Nursing Service, candidates are required to undergo a review process, which includes completion, submission, and evaluation of an application form and supporting documents followed by a quiz, which are now done completely online and in stages; taking of references and signing of an agreement.

To start the process, find the button "Click here to apply" at the top of this page. This will take you to ANS Application Form, which you are required to complete and submit. Following this, you are required to submit a copy of each supporting document, which you ticked on the Application Form that you have. via e-mail to within 72 hours.

Supporting documents include proof of nursing/caregiving qualification; photo ID - preferably your National ID; Food Handler's Permit; Basic Life Support /CPR; Certified Police Record; Covid-19 Vaccination card and a passport-sized photograph.

For security reasons please do NOT submit your NIS, TRN, or your Driver's License with your TRN via e-mail. These will be collected at a later date.

Where your answers and documentation are found to be in good order you will be sent ANS Assessment Quiz, via the e-mail address from which you sent the supporting documents,  which you must complete and submit.

If you have provided sufficient suitable answers, references will be taken and an agreement signed.


BEFORE YOU START ANS ASSESSMENT PART 1, you are required to read "Staff Code of Conduct" and "COVID - 19 Safety," at the top of this page and be prepared to say if you are willing to faithfully abide by the standards and protocols outlined there as well as answer other questions COVID-19 safety.

Successful completion of this process will result in you being listed as available and suitable to provide home care at a standard endorsed by ANS.  However, this does not guarantee you a job. For that and other reasons, no signing fee is charged. 
Once you are signed to ANS as a nurse | caregiver | nanny | housekeeper | cook, if a job becomes available for which your skills and experience make you suitable and you are deemed the best or among the best available candidate for the job, one of two things will happen.

If the client does not require an interview prior to placement, you will be offered the position, which you are free to accept or refuse.  
If the client requires an interview prior to placement, one will be scheduled between you and the client and if you are successful at this interview then you will be offered the position. Again, you are free to accept or refuse.

If and whenever you are placed in a job you are required to pay a percentage of your first week's or month's pay to ANS for this placement. The rates are outlined in the Application Form for your acceptance or refusal.



Family Support

Providing direct care to loved ones can be hugely stressful. The family member who is a caregiver requires much support, which includes time away from the patient to rejuvenate and recoup the internal resources required to be patient, tolerant, empathetic, and compassionate.  
Other family members should provide a safe environment for the caregiver to vent without feeling guilty about feelings that might not be expressed in polite or politically correct terms. Similarly, caregivers should seek outlets for pent-up emotions to prevent burnout. Here are a few suggestions of stress busters that don't cost a penny and can fit right into a tight schedule. 

Knowledge Really is Power

Arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to provide the kind of care that you can feel good about. Ask questions, read widely, and don't be shy about using the internet. Not every bit of information you find online will be credible but check the source and use your instincts. Information purporting to be published by a professional that contains poor grammar and bad spelling is probably not the information you are seeking.

Click the button below for information that will help you to provide safe effective care for your loved one.

Take a Break From Your Duties

Fifteen minutes away from the patient can provide a needed breather when emotions are running high and threatening to become overwhelming. A break can make the difference between self-control and saying or doing something that can never be taken back or be undone.

Look at Something Beautiful!

The world is filled with beautiful and interesting scenery that can now be accessed with the click of a button. Pinterest, for example, provides a great vantage point from which you can view the world. Take a peek at different cultures and far away places. The beautiful scenery to the right are a few such examples and the supply is endless. 

Say Something Nice to Someone who Needs to Hear it.

Making someone else feels good often has a blowback effect - it makes you feel good too. Finding something nice to say to some folks can be challenging but not impossible, no matter how difficult the person might be. "You keep me on my toes!" This is a true but nice commentary on someone who frequently complains and criticizes, isn't it?
Finding innovative ways to express negative thoughts in a positive way is actually a good mental exercise and great for you. Of course, it is so much easier to find something complimentary to say about good people, indulge them and yourself. Remember, it makes you feel better too.

Laugh Often  | Laugh Aloud

Laugh at yourself, or an old joke and if there is no joke, laugh anyway. Laughter relieves stress, reduces tension, stimulates organs, boosts your immunity, boosts your mood, and actually relieves pain.
 If laughing doesn't happen spontaneously, start with a chuckle or a smile. See if you can find a few smiles from the posters to the right...

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