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The Nursing Home Registration Act of 1934 (‘NHRA’) mandates that all nursing homes operating in Jamaica must be registered by the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW).


To be registered by the MOHW, the nursing home must show the following:

  • A Fire Preparedness Certificate from the fire department in the jurisdiction in which the nursing home is to be located. This is granted after an application to the relevant fire department, paying of fees, inspection and satisfactory findings by that department.

  • Approval from the local Municipal Corporation.

  • Registration by the Companies Office of Jamaica

  • Approval from the Public Health Department following inspection and satisfactory findings.

  • Approval from the MOHW following inspection and satisfactory findings.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has published a guideline, which includes the minimal standards each nursing home must achieve in order to be found satisfactory by the Standards and Regulations Unit in that Ministry.


Angelbee Nursing Service has used that guideline to create a policy and procedure manual that captures these standards and has also created the other necessary documentation required to meet them.  This includes a nursing procedure manual, contract for admission, residents’ bill of rights; admission assessment, nursing care plans, job descriptions for the various positions, and all the forms required to maintain the level of documentation required for quality assurance.


The policy and procedure manual will outline facilities and services offered by the specific nursing home, in accordance with the MOHW's guidelines, and details the standard of operation in general administration, residents care, residents’ legal rights, documentation, human resource management, and disaster preparedness, which are necessary to attain and maintain the standards set out by the MOHW as well as industry standards.


This manual will remain the sole property of Angelbee Nursing Service and will not be sold but will be licensed to you, the client and adopted for use in your nursing home, be it one or more under your ownership, and cannot be shared with a third party. All will be delivered electronically. No hard copy will be provided.


The attached listing outlines the documents available, which can be assessed in whole or in any part(s) desired.

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