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Good day!

Thanks for your interest in joining our team of professionals.

Before you proceed we need  you  to understand that we can sign you up, but we cannot promise you a job. For that reason, there is no charge for your assessment or for you to be signed up.

We are happy to advise that the Angelbee Nursing Service assessment and registration process is completely online.
Please take a few minutes to read these instructions carefully as there are some things that you MUST KEEP IN MIND!

If you are already signed up with Angelbee Nursing Service, you are still being asked to complete this process so that you can be included in our online database, which will be used to make job offers and not the old database, going forward.



For security reasons, please DO NOT SEND your TRN, NIS nor your Driver's License (if you have one) as it also contains your TRN. Sending these via email along with your other documents could allow hackers to steal your identity.
If you do not heed this warning and your TRN or NIS number is stolen, we cannot take responsibility for any consequences.

These documents and numbers can be submitted separately, later, when you are asked to do so.



The assessment will be done in two parts. Part 1, the application, asked for your biographical data (personal information) and part 2 is a quiz.

You must complete part 1 and submit your supporting documents (e.g., nursing certificate, Basic Life Support certificate, Food Handler's Permit, Police Record, Covid-19 vaccination certificate, work permit etc.) to the email address:, before part 2 is sent to you via email. This will be done after your references are checked.



Please note that reference check is done using two forms, one for personal reference and another for work reference, which are emailed to your references or sent via a link to a WhatsApp number. For that reason, we need email addresses or a WhatsApp numbers for your references, and a clear indication of which reference is for work, and which is personal as the forms are completely different.

Please advise your reference that they will receive an email or link via WhatsApp, from Angelbee Nursing Service, which they are being asked to click on to access the reference form to complete on your behalf.



Before you start, if you do not already have a Gmail account, please create one as you will need it for both part 1 and part 2 of this assessment. A Gmail account is best for using Google Forms, which are used for both the application form and the quiz.
To start, log into our website: and read "Staff Code of Conduct" and “Covid-19 Safety” as you will be asked questions about these two posts.

After you have read these two posts, find "Click to apply" at the top of our Homepage. This will take you to ANS Application Form, which is part 1 of the assessment.

You must answer all questions in one section to advance to the next section. To advance to the next section, please click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

Please read the questions carefully and provide only and all the information that you are asked to provide. E.g., the question about references asks for name, email address and telephone number. It does not ask for your reference’s job title, place of work or  address. Please DO NOT provide that information as it is of no use to us.

When you get to the end of the document you will find a “Submit" button.  PLEASE CLICK THAT BUTTON to send the completed document to Angelbee Nursing Service. If you do not click that button,  your applicatiob  will not be received by Angelbee.

Please note that Angelbee Nursing Service cannot change any information that you put in that document so if a correction needs to be done, it must be done by you.



After you have submitted your application form, you will then email all the documents that you ticked on the application form that you have (nursing certificate, Basic Life Support certificate, Food Handler's Permit, Police Record, Covid-19 vaccination certificate and current work permit – if you are a non-national), to, within 72 hours of submitting your application.



If your application and documents are in good order, reference check forms will be sent out via email or WhatsApp to the persons you have listed as references.

When your references are completed and returned, if they are satisfactory, you will be sent part 2 (the quiz) via email, which you must complete and return within two (2) hours.

Because it must be completed and returned within two (2) hours, we will let you tell us when to send it to you as once sent, it will NOT be re-sent.

You will be asked via WhatsApp to say when you are ready to receive your quiz.
If you indicate a day or time when you expect to be ready for your quiz you must send a reminder, via WhatsApp at the appointed time as readiness can change and you do not wish for the quiz to be sent when you have no phone charge, electricity, data, Wi-Fi  etc., as it will not be re-sent!



To maintain the integrity of the process we must insist that each person receives only one copy of this quiz.
So please take the time to read the questions properly and chose the best answer as this quiz is a one-time-only deal and you will not get a chance for a do-over.

For this reason too, please ensure that your phone is charged or plugged in and that you have sufficient data or Wi-Fi access before you advise us to send it.



We ask that you do not attempt to share this quiz with anyone nor have anyone, including Google, assist you in completing it.

Please feel free to ask any question before you start, via WhatsApp (876-326-4784, TEXT only. However, please note that your ability to read, understand and follow these instructions are graded as “Ability to read, comprehend and follow instructions.” 


If you chose not to read but prefer instead that it is explained to you and indicate this by multiple requests for information contained here, this will be reflected in that grade.

Please do not use text shorthand when you WhatsApp as it is considered a clear indication of how you plan to write your nurses’ notes.

Please read  this document completely before you start. It is long, but it is clear.

Please do not answer the questions in capital letters.

Looking forward to signing you up!

Hermine Bascoe
Managing Director

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