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The Doris Clifford Center
Job Application Portal

Welcome to the application portal for The Doris Clifford Center (The DC Center / The Center).

A soon-to-be-launched retirement facility located in the hills of Lionel Town in the Parish of Clarendon, Jamaica.


The management of The DC Center has adopted a mandate to provide the best experience possible for all whom we shall serve. Hence, our offering will be a full-service package comprised of a safe, comfortable, and attractive home environment, organized to support a peaceful existence with good mental health in an environment where staff satisfaction is also a goal.


To provide such a service at the highest possible standard, the management of The Center is seeking to develop a cadre of suitably trained, caring, and committed personnel to satisfy these commitments to our clientele



If you are interested in joining our team of excellence, please click on the tabs below and read the COVID-19 Safety Protocols and The Doris Clifford Center's Cardinal Rules for Staff, which you will be asked to answer questions about on the application form.


Once you have finished reading those two documents, click the "To Apply" tab to open the application form.  


Please note that you will be taken from this site to an external page.



Please answer all questions on every page and click next at the bottom of each page until you get to the end of the form, where you will see a "SUBMIT" button. You must click on that button in order for the form to be returned to us.

Once you have submitted your application form, please make clear copies of your documents, which should include: your certificate -nursing/housekeeping/food and nutrition etc, | Food Handler's Permit | certified police record | government-issued ID (National ID, Driver's Licence or passport) a work permit if you are not a Jamaican citizen | Basic Life Support or Cardio-pulmonary Resusitation certification if you are a nurse | Covid-19 Vaccination certificate.

Forward clear copies of these documents to, within 72 hours of submitting your application and await a response. 

If your application meets the required standard, you will be invited to complete a quiz, This will be sent to you via email at the email address that you submitted on your application. Before it is sent, you will be asked to indicate your readiness for this quiz.

If your application does not meet the required standard you will be given an opportunity to repair the application and re-submit.



The quiz, once sent to you, must be completed and returned within two hours and will NOT BE RE-SENT, please ensure that you have a fully charged phone or access to electricity and sufficient data or access to Wi-Fi before indicating your readiness for the quiz,

you will be advised of your score via Whatsapp. However, this does not guarantee you a job at the Doris Clifford Center and once you have received your score all further communication will be had with the management of that center as Angelbee Nursing Service is conducting preliminary screening for that center and is not involved in the employment decision.

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