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Angelbee Nursing Service's
Continuous Nursing / Caregiving Education 

Effective immediately, all ANS nurses \ Caregivers are required to demonstrate that they are keeping their knowledge and skills current. As nursing practices evolve, nurses will be required to learn new ways to provide care and to use new and advanced tools and equipment in our practice.

To accomplish this, we have devised a simple and inexpensive way of providing support in this venture. This is important to ensure client safety and to provide a basic sense of assurance that assignments made are based on skills and not just arbitrary.

To provide this service, we will place on this page, YouTube videos of nursing skills along with a link to a simple quiz relevant to the videos posted. Nurses/caregivers will be required to watch a YouTube video then complete the quiz, appropriate to the video watched.

ANS will provide a Certificate of Participation for all quiz completed, which will indicate the grade achieved in percentage.

Nurses/Caregivers with a certificate for a particular skill will automatically be given preference for jobs requiring that skill.  Of course, the grade achieved will also be considered.

Please browse videos below and chose as per your interest.


1.    Admission Assessment
2.    Applying Candom Catheter
3.    Bath - Assisted Tub / Bed | Assisted Shower
4.    Bed Making - Occupied Bed
5.    Bed Making - Unoccupied Bed
6.    Breast examination
7.    Caring for the Dying Resident
8.    Clean Dressing | Sterile Dressing
9.    Collecting Stool Sample
10.  Collecting Urine Specimen - (24 hr. collection) 
11.   Collecting Urine Specimen - (Clean Catch)
12.   Colostomy Care
13.   Complete Bed Bath
14.   Donning and Removing Non-Sterile Gloves
15.   Donning and Removing Sterile Gloves
16.   Emptying Urine Bag and Charting Urine
17.    Enema Administration
18.   Feet and Nail Care
19.    Gastrostomy Feeds
20.   Giving and Removing Bedpan
21.    Glucose Meter Reading
22.   Handwashing
23.   Heat and Cold Treatments
24.   Medication Administration - Eye, Ear, and Nose Drops and Eye Ointment
25.   Medication Administration - Oral: Tabs, Caps, and Liquids
26.   Medication Administration - Rectal
27.   Medication Administration - Subcutaneous (Insulin)
28.   Medication Administration - Vaginal
29.   Naso-Gastric Feeds
30.   Nebulization
31.   Oxygen Administration by Canula, Face Mask and Face Tent
32.   Perineal Care
33.   Post Op Teachings
34.   Pressure Area Care
35.   Range of Motion Exercises
35.   Removing an Indwelling Urinary Catheter
36.   Scrotal Examination
37.   Simple Urine Test (Dip Stick / Uristix)
38.   Sitz Bath
39.   Special Mouth Care
40.  Tepid Sponging
41.   Transfering the Patient
42.   Treat Bed Sore (Decubitus Ulcer)
43.   Treating Infestation (Head and Body Lice | Scabies)
44.   Urethral Catheter Care
45.   Vital Signe - TPR and B/P
46.   Washins Hair in Bed


1. Admission Assessment
2. Completing a Nursing Care Plan
3. Ongoing Assessment
4. Writing Nursing Progress Notes
5. Writing Monthly Nursing Report
6. Writing Closing Summary


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